Proposed changes to UK law risk increasing financial abuse of older people, warn experts

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A bill to amend British law warns experts that there is a risk of significantly increasing the financial abuse of older people BMJ today.

Carolyn said that the Marriage Law and the Ministry of Justice’s plans to modernize the power of marriage law and permanent lawyers aim to make the process easier and easier, both of which include limited safeguards. Professor Stevens and his colleagues write in an editorial.

However, lawyers and experts argue that, in its current form, they are unlikely to prevent vulnerable individuals, especially vulnerable individuals. senior citizen Incapacitated and forced into either marriage or the power of attorney.

Globally, one in six elderly people (defined as over 60 years old) are facing abuseEspecially for people with dementia, the author explains.

Physical abuse includes violence, but psychologically and Financial abuse It has been recorded as the most common form of harm, including the manipulation of older people to acquire assets through marriage, wills, and abuse of the power of attorney.

Nevertheless, they argue that the perpetrators’ control and coercion of behavior, and the social isolation of victims, make it difficult to detect and address elder abuse.

In fact, recent House of Peers reports describe abuse of the elderly, especially those with dementia, as “complex, poorly measured, and hidden,” but the UK General Medical Council said: Recommended as. Health expert Keeping in mind that many abuses are currently criminal offenses, you need to be familiar with different types of abuse to identify patients at risk.

Stevens and colleagues admit that a new domestic violent crime has been introduced into British law, Elder abuse Little evidence to quantify the actions taken by responsible authorities means that it is not yet known whether these changes have led to further actions against abuse.

For example, criminal investigations in England and Wales excluded respondents aged 59 and over until 2017 (the survey continues to exclude adults aged 74 and over), and group housing excluding seniors in long-term care facilities. Not investigated.

And they point to data showing that the majority of domestic violence cases, including possible forced marriage and abuse of the power of attorney, took no action.

They believe it Healthcare professional Appropriate action as it plays an important role in protecting vulnerable older people from abuse and seeks urgent guidance with more training and support on how to detect, record and report suspicions of abuse. Can be taken.

This view is supported by AgeUK’s charity director Caroline Abrahams in a linked opinion piece.

She explains that while a significant number of older people experience financial, emotional, and physical abuse, they still lack official domestic abuse statistics.

Age UK has succeeded in a campaign to change this. “We should shed light on the level of domestic violence in the elderly, a hidden and rarely spoken problem, and inspire new forms of support,” said Abrahams.

She also points out that domestic abuse occurs not only between older partners, but also between older people and their adult children, and others close to them, and medical professionals working with older people. Elderly people may be at risk of abuse or have been abused.

Although she acknowledges related challenges, the protection training and awareness that medical professionals receive not only identifies domestic violence along with other forms of abuse, but also how this is experienced by older people. It says that it must also include ways to deal with concerns.

“By breaking the taboo, we will provide important services to all affected people and increase their chances of getting the help they need,” she concludes.

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Elder Abuse in the UK: Get Out of the Shadows and on the Agenda BMJ, DOI: 10.1136 / bmj.n2828

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Proposed changes to UK law risk increasing financial abuse of older people, warn experts Source link Proposed changes to UK law risk increasing financial abuse of older people, warn experts

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