Witnesses describe Wisconsin Christmas parade: ‘Bodies flying all over the place’

Witnesses described the chaos that unfolded Sunday evening when a driver plowed into dozens of marchers at a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing a number of individuals and injuring at the least 20 individuals.

Melinda Schultz, 33, of Waukesha had been watching the parade together with her family and friends close to the beginning of the parade when a automotive got here racing towards the route.

“We just saw a red vehicle speeding down the road while the parade was going on,” Schultz advised the Post.

“We thought perhaps it was an unmarked cop or one thing. All of a sudden we realized that wasn’t the case.

“People started screaming ‘move, move, move’ to get people out of the way,” she added.

A crimson SUV speeds previous attendees moments earlier than plowing right into a crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, November 21, 2021.

Schultz, an EMT, ran in the direction of the scene to assist. She received choked up speaking concerning the injured, which included kids.

“I know there was some fatalities but a lot of people are in critical condition. A lot of kids,“ she said, her voice breaking. “I hope the families get a lot of justice. I think it’s sick.”

Melinda, a 36-year-old kindergarten trainer, was watching the parade from her condominium window together with her mom on West Main Street when she stated she noticed a crimson SUV drive via the parade.

The scene after a driver blew previous police and drove right into a crowd at a Christmas parade.
James Keivom

“I ran downstairs and it was just kids on the ground and everyone freaking out,” stated Melinda, who declined to present her final title,

“Everyone was screaming and crying…it happened so quickly.”

The schoolteacher stated she noticed “a little girl get hit and go flying” within the city’s Five Points space. She stated it was extraordinarily troublesome seeing kids injured like that.

Emergency responders collect after a automobile plowed via the Christmas Parade, leaving a number of individuals injured in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

“It was just chaos. You don’t expect something like that to happen here. It’s Waukesha. It’s really safe. You don’t see that here.”

Bradyden Kowalski, a 19-year-old Waukesha native, stated he noticed our bodies flying into the air because the automotive tore via the gang.

“He’s just blowing through people, kind of just dinging a lot of people, bodies flying everywhere,” Kowalski told Fox News. “These people didn’t get run over, they got thrown through the air. Like a lot of people got tossed up into the air.”

The SUV killed a number of individuals and injured at the least 20 individuals.
James Keivom

Kowalski stated he and his mom went into the gang providing assist to those that have been injured within the rapid aftermath, the place he described the brutal scene.

“You could see the fragments of brains,” he stated. “There were quite a few people with broken limbs, like a lot of broken legs, a lot of people shouting with broken legs. It was horrifying.”

“This is the most peaceful loving town. Everyone is so friendly. I know people say ‘You would never expect this to happen here,’ but this is one of those towns. You would have never thought this would happen.”

One witness stated he noticed our bodies flying into the air because the automotive tore via the gang.
James Keivom

Jordan Woynilko, of Wilwaukee, was simply stepping out of a pub when he heard individuals yelling and noticed the crimson SUV.

He shared a graphic video of Main Street simply after the incident on his Twitter account. Bodies may be seen strewn out within the highway as others rushed to attend them, trying CPR earlier than medics arrived, he advised Fox News.

“It was horrific as we were walking, and then when we turned off the main street there to walk up a few more blocks to the car, there were cops peeling around the corner, we’re assuming looking for the guy.”

“There were moms and dads yelling for their kids, people running around,” Woynilko added. “When I rewatched the video, I could hear people talking, and they were like, ‘There’s eight people injured down there. We need an Ambulance over here.’ There’s one lady kneeling on the ground crying.”

Tom Hickey, 25, told The New York Times he was strolling close to the rear of the parade strolling by a pal’s float when he heard honking behind him. Hickey stated the driving force wore a sweatshirt and grey hat and drove a crimson Ford Escape.

The driver then took a proper flip onto the parade’s essential route and ripped the engine, accelerating via the parade route.

The incident occurred throughout an annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
James Keivom

“When he made that right turn, that’s when he turned really dangerous,” Mr. Hickey stated, including that he additionally thought he heard 5 gunshots.

Several witnesses had reported listening to gunshots from the driving force. However, police confirmed Sunday the shot was discharged from an officer’s weapon who’d fired on the automobile.

Dozens of cops and officers from Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives remained on the scene into the evening. The FBI additionally introduced that it will be becoming a member of the investigation.

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