Moment a mother elephant stamps a crocodile to death as it stalks her calf in Zambia 

  • Hans Henrik Haahr from Denmark filmed the incident whereas on safari in Zambia
  • The feminine elephant noticed the crocodile in shallow water on the Zambezi river
  • The crocodile was stalking the elephant’s calf who was on the river’s financial institution  

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

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A crocodile was stamped to death by an offended elephant whereas stalking her calf in shallow water in Zambia. 

The massive feminine African elephant violently attacked the crocodile which was close to the financial institution of the Zambezi River. 

Tourist Hans Henrik Haahr filmed the footage whereas on safari with a group from the Baines River Camp, in the Lower Zambezi Valley. 

The crocodile was lurking close to the water’s edge on the Zambezi River in Zambia when it was noticed by a massive feminine African elephant

Despite not having tusks, the elephant used her weight to crush the predator on underneath the water

A spokesperson for the Bains River Camp, which led group on safari. They claimed: ‘Guests witnessed this dramatic sighting unfold between two of Africa’s most feared mega-fauna’

The dramatic video exhibits the elephant stamping on the crocodile, which seems to be between eight and ten ft lengthy. 

As the crocodile thrashes beneath the floor, the elephant relentlessly crushing the smaller predator. 

After a additional minute, the elephant grabbed the crocodile by its tail and lifts it clear from the water. 

While out of the water, the crocodile failed to wrestle suggesting it was already lifeless or mortally wounded.  

Quite a few different elephants stood on the river financial institution whereas the mother handled the crocodile

Eventually, the elephant grabs the crocodile by its tail. At this stage the crocodile is now not thrashing and is probably going lifeless

 Mr Haar, who’s from Århus, Denmark, witnessed the encounter. 

The Baines River Camp shared the video on its Facebook web page: ‘Guests witnessed this dramatic sighting unfold between two of Africa’s most feared mega-fauna. 

‘Perhaps this was a revenge assault fueled by earlier ambush makes an attempt by many a crocodile on her younger or the better herd. Whatever it was, this cow was right here with one intention solely.’ 

The safari company added: ‘While this footage is likely to be tough to watch, it demonstrates simply how uncooked and difficult life is in the bush.’ 

Mr Haar described the incident as ‘surprising’. 


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