The Excuse Landlord Has For Kicking Out 92-Year-Old Veteran Who Beat Cancer Is Cruel

Our servicemen and service veterans are invaluable to the country, and we’re meant to treat them with respect and gratefulness.

But that’s not how Paul Mayer, a 92-year-old World War II vet, is being treated. He’s lived in his rent-controlled apartment for 44 years and is being heartlessly kicked out by his landlord.

The property owner, Peggy Ramirez DeMaio, refused to accept offers of higher rent pay and insisted that he must be evicted as she wants to renovate the entire block, which she just purchased.

Mayer has been paying $525/month for his rent thanks to an agreement with the previous owner and has nowhere to turn to or go if he is removed.

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DeMaio, meanwhile, claims that her actions are not personal and that everyone in the building is being evicted.

She doesn’t want others to think she is cold-hearted, and states that she does feel bad about it but that it is out of her hands.

Mayer’s case has been brought to City Hall by his daughter, but it is unlikely that it will be of any use.

This means that the 92-year-old veteran is being forced into the streets, despite all he has done for his country.

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