Looking for a good book? Check out these 5 easy reads we’ve been enjoying

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Now, almost a year into the pandemic and stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of lockdowns you may be getting pretty sick of endless Netflix marathons. As well as being completely bored of another night in front of the TV, you may feel as though you have run out of things to watch!

We’d highly recommend a night without the TV. Make yourself a cup of tea (or grab a glass of wine) and get settled on the sofa, but without the remote.

Getting stuck into a good book is ideal if you need to relax and get your mind off the news. Here are five great easy reads we’ve enjoyed recently!

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

This best-selling author is really flexing her romance writing muscles with this one. Lovers of Beth’ first two books, ‘The Switch’ and ‘The Flatshare’ will be glued to her latest novel, ‘The Road Trip’.

The story sees two separate cars on their way to the same wedding and along the way get into a little accident which results in them having to carpool together. What you think is the perfect meet-cute actually turns out to be a pair of exes jam-packed into a car for hours, when they haven’t spoken in two years. But, could this actually be a good thing for Dylan and Addie?

It’s a smart, funny and totally gorgeous light-hearted read. Ideal for a sunny afternoon when all you want to do is get stuck into a good book. This is out on the 29th of April!

Make Yourself At Home by Ciara Geraghty 

Ciara Geraghty’s latest follows Marianne in the aftermath of her marriage ending. Leaving behind the perfect life she constructed for herself, she has to return to her childhood home.

Back in familiar surrounds and by the wildness of the Irish Seas she finds herself back where she started, before leaving home at the age of just 15. Living once again with her mother, a recovering alcoholic and artist, she has to rebuild their relationship, but doing so helps her look towards a future that was certainly different to what she had in mind.

This is such a lovely and at times, emotional read that’s ideal for a cosy night in on the sofa.

Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

One thing all of us could do with at the moment is a good laugh. If a giggle is what you’re after then how could we not recommend something from Marian Keyes?

Her most recent book, ‘Grown Ups’ came out last year and has recently been released in a selection of colourful paperback options.

The story follows an eclectic and dysfunctional family, along with all the extra friends, family and in-laws that come with a big clan. It starts with a big dinner that takes a dramatic turn with the rest of the story slowly leading up to that very moment and revealing lots about the characters along the way.

You’ll laugh as well as cry reading this one and to be honest you can’t go wrong with anything from Marian.

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

This is another one that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. As well as being wickedly funny, this comedy/thriller hybrid is also at times touching and sweet.

Set in a picturesque and quiet retirement village, the Thursday Murder Club enjoy trying to solve cold cases for fun. This is all for their own amusement until a real life murder lands on their doorstep.

This book will make you laugh out loud, and it’s lovely to read something about a group of 80-somethings so full of life and energy!

Nothing But Blue Sky by Kathleen MacMahon

Although the premise of this one sounds sad, which at time it is, it’s also surprisingly funny too.

After David’s wife, Mary Rose dies suddenly he travels to their favourite holiday destination for the first time without her. Whilst he’s there he begins reflecting on their marriage and realises perhaps it wasn’t quite as happy as he imagined.

This book is an honest look at the sacrifices people make in relationships as well as being a tender portrayal of marriage.

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